Green Transformation

Alternative drives

Joint project H2goesRail

The first test runs of the newly developed Mireo Plus H hydrogen train marked an important milestone in the DB Group’s joint project with Siemens H2goesRail. Hydrogen trains use a particularly climate-friendly drive technology, because they run emissions-free with green hydrogen which only produces water when burned. During the test, the filling process is also trialed. For this, DB Group developed a new method which, for the first time, meant a hydrogen train could be refueled at the same speed as a diesel train. This ­is a crucial aspect in view of the tightly timed train runs in region­al rail passenger transport.

Cooperation for the development of emissions-free engines

DB Group and the Australian energy company Fortescue Future Industries (FFI) have agreed to a comprehensive collaboration to accelerate climate-neutral mobility. In a first project, we are working on modifying diesel engines for locomotives and traction units for the first time, so that they can be operated using ammonia and hydrogen. In addition to the development of emissions-free drive technologies, the agreement also provides for cooperation in logistics and supply chains for green fuels. The ammonia-hydrogen engine is based on an existing type of diesel engine. This is being modified so that it can be operated using green ammonia and green hydrogen, made from renewable energies.

Overhead wire islands for battery-powered trains

When using battery-powered trains, instead of conventional electrification, only short sections of line or individual stations need to be electrified. In Schleswig-Holstein, DB Netze Energy and DB Netze Track have begun construction of an innovative infrastructure (overhead wire islands) for the future supply of battery-powered trains. From the end of 2023, this technology of the future will be used for the first time and will serve as a model nationwide.

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