Development of DB Group

  • Progress in implementing the Strong Rail strategy.
  • Capital expenditure activities continue to grow.
  • Profit development is expected to be significantly burdened by additional measures to improve operational stability and general cost increases.
  • There are also burdens due to higher energy costs.

Our forecasts for the development of DB Group and the business units in the 2023 financial year are based on our expectations of developments in the market, competition and environment, and the implementation success of the planned measures.

DB Group’s business development in 2023 is expected to be largely characterized by burdens due to the implementation of additional measures for quality stabilization and quality improvements, particularly in track infrastructure. These burdens are also due, among other things, to the fact that negotiations on the future financing of the track infrastructure with the Federal Government have not yet been completed, but measures will be implemented already in 2023 and DB Group is therefore starting preliminary work. In addition, the development of inflation (especially higher energy costs) and the normalization of freight rates at DB Schenker will have a significant impact in the 2023 financial year. Countermeasures will partially compensate for this.

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