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Inspection and replacement of concrete ties

As a precaution, experts at DB Group reviewed about 200,000 ties of a specific construction type and manufacturer nationwide between July and late August 2022. These special inspections were completed in late August 2022. The work was carried out as a precautionary measure, as ties of a specific construction type were also checked by the investigating authorities in connection with the train accident in Garmisch-­­Partenkirchen on June 3, 2022. DB Group reacted without delay wherever the experts discovered abnormalities: trains traveled more slowly over the affected ties. Occasionally, sections of the line also had to be closed. The renewal of the ties identified as damaged is progressing as planned.

The results of the technical material tests and technical reports from independent testing institutes initiated by DB Group suggest that there could be a manufacturing error: the ties sometimes show irregularities in the quality of the material. Further detailed investigations also show that a specific type of rock used in the production of concrete ties could also be responsible for the damage. Based on these findings, DB Group is currently investigating further concrete ties from other manufacturers nationwide with the same type of rock. According to current estimates, it is possible that, as a result of these ongoing investigations, supplementary measures in addition to the steps already taken will be arranged in the near future.

DB Group will repair the damage that has actually occurred to all train operating companies concerned in connection with the inspections of the ties and the resulting measures.

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