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  • In the Netherlands Arriva has implemented OVpay, which is a new way of checking in and out in public transport by using contactless debit or credit cards, including mobile phones. This technology is already available in multiple locations across the country but will successively become available nationwide. DB Arriva operates four concessions where Ovpay is now live.
  • DB Arriva has created a new IT portal which has been specifically designed to support a new innovation framework called “The Ideas Engine.” The new portal has been launched across DB Arriva to encourage all employees to submit their ideas. The best ideas will be supported by receiving funding for pilot schemes that will help to determine the business case.
  • DB Arriva in Croatia has developed and launched a customer loyalty program. Customers can participate in the programme via the DB Arriva mobile app, through the Web site or by filling out the application form at the Arriva ticket offices. Membership is free and enables the collection of reward points through a virtual or physical card. This new tool will help attract new customers, as well as retaining the existing ones.
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