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Environmental measures

Expansion of renewable energies in the traction current portfolio

Building a diversified portfolio for economically viable and secure energy supply with a growing share of renewable energies is a core element of our green strategy:

  • Ensuring continued operation of nine wind farms, which are more than 20 years old, with a total of 32 wind turbines at different locations in Schleswig-Holstein, ­Saxony and Lower Saxony, which will save about 36,000 t CO₂ p.a. compared with the electricity supplied from coal power. The wind farms have a total installed capacity of 43 MW and provide about 65 GWh of electricity annually. As a result, further on-land wind power plants will join DB Netze Energy’s eco-power portfolio. In light of the age of the facilities, the terms of the contracts are rather short.

Energy supply for alternative drives

In addition to the further electrification of the rail network, DB Netze Energy is also implementing supply solutions for rolling stock with alternative drives. To this end, DB Netze Energy is pursuing various technological approaches:

  • With regard to the energy supply of battery-powered trains, construction began in 2022 as part of the implementation of the charging infrastructure for regional rail passenger transport in the Schleswig-Holstein battery network. For the first time, overhead wire islands including charging substations will be set up in cooperation with DB Netze Track to supply battery-powered trains with traction current. In addition, together with DB Netze Track, plans for the construction of charging infrastructure in two networks have been further advanced. DB Netze Energy is also a cooperation partner in a pilot project agreed at InnoTrans 2022 to implement an innovative charging station for battery-powered trains in Annaberg-Buchholz.
  • DB Netze Energy is a project partner in a joint project funded by the BMDV between DB Group and Siemens Mobility for the approval and testing of the Mireo Plus H fuel train, which has been newly developed by Siemens Mobility, for regional rail passenger transport. DB Netze Energy is responsible for developing an innovative supply infrastructure for hydrogen. In 2022, the mobile hydrogen filling system was commissioned as part of the innovative supply infrastructure and enables the Mireo Plus H to be fueled with hydrogen during the test and approval phase.
  • Supply of climate-friendly biofuel HVO to fuel rolling stock. In 2022, the first rail filling station upgrade to include facilities for fueling vehicles with HVO was commissioned in Westerland on the island of Sylt. At the end of 2022, HVO was available at five locations. The rail filling station in Aulendorf is the first filling station of DB Netze Energy to be fully converted to HVO. In 2023, the range of additional rail filling stations will be expanded.
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