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Wide-ranging aid measures for Ukraine

DB Group set up a wide-ranging aid package to support the people affected by the war in Ukraine. A DB Group-wide crisis unit coordinated the activities. These included, for example, an aid fund for refugees and the provision of housing. The free DB helpukraine ticket makes it easier for refugees from the Ukraine to continue their journey in Germany.

DB Group has also built up a logistics network on road and rail to transport aid supplies directly from Germany to Ukraine by truck and freight train.


From the beginning of June to the end of August 2022, a 9-Euro- Ticket was available in Germany. The success is documented by around 52 million 9-Euro-Ticket sold and around ten million local public transport subscribers, who automatically received the discounted ticket. According to the Association of German Transport Companies (VDV), 10% of the buyers of the 9-Euro-Ticket did not make at least one of their daily car trips. This saved around 1.8 million tons of CO₂. The results showed that user satisfaction with the 9-Euro-Ticket was very high, with 88% of users of the 9-Euro-Ticket saying they were satisfied or completely satisfied with their last trip. At the same time, the high volume of passengers was a major challenge for our system as a whole and for the DB employees on-site.

HIGH-performance NETWORK

In June 2022, the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport (BMDV) and DB Group presented plans for a new high-performance network to sustainably increase the quality and reliability of the infrastructure. The high-performance network is to include the most highly utilized rail connections in Germany.

Supervisory Board approves preparations for the possible sale of DB Schenker

The Supervisory Board of DB AG has given DB Management Board the mandate to examine and prepare a possible sale of up to 100% of DB Schenker shares. A separate decision will be made at a later date on the specific start of a sales process and the way in which a sale will be made.

According to the Supervisory Board’s resolution, proceeds from a sale of DB Schenker will remain in full in DB Group, and will contribute, among other things, to a significant reduction of DB Group’s debt.

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