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DB Netze Energy is responsible for economically and environmentally efficient energy procurement and for reliable energy provision for train operating companies. DB Netze Energy also has a high-performance infrastructure for the provision of electricity and fuel to mobile and stationary consumers.

  • More robust: DB Netze Energy relies on resilience and the security of the stable power supply and ability to act in the event of a disaster with pragmatic, intelligent and sustainable solutions. In addition to power generation on-site, these also include capital expenditures in mobile systems and OT security, supported by modern communication.
  • More efficient: In 2021, lean excellence was implemented as part of two pilot projects and established at other locations in 2022. Additional locations will follow. It is also important to further develop lean approaches and consolidate existing lean structures and maintain them at the pilot locations.
  • More modern: DB Netze Energy ensures the power supply even if the supply of renewable energy is increasingly volatile. This is of increasing relevance, in particular in view of the prospect of increasing traffic volumes. The LuFV III provides the financial basis for this, including for the construction of additional converter capacity. The expansion of the traction current grid will be supported by the driving forward of digitalization, for example through the rollout of sensor technology in traction current facilities.
  • Greener: DB Netze Energy is a central driver of the TOC in Germany for climate-neutral energy supply. In order to achieve the target of climate neutrality in full by 2040, traction current supply will be switched to renewable energies and CO₂-neutral high-capacity power plants will be added. Sustainable alternatives are offered for non-­electrified lines with charging infrastructure for battery-­powered trains, hydrogen supply and biofuel. The climate-­friendly biofuel HVO has been offered at the first filling stations since 2022.
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