Train-path demand is forecast to develop positively in 2023. In addition to further easing after the Covid-19 pandemic, the planned increases in regionalization funds in regional rail passenger transport and the expansion of supply in the course of the long-distance transport initiative in long-distance rail passenger transport are leading to increasing demand. Due to the macroeconomic environment and the importance of rail for energy transport, market growth is expected in rail freight transport. The effects of the continuing war in Ukraine may slow market growth. Bottlenecks and backlog in remedial actions required will not, however, allow any noticeable increase in volume produced on the network.

The number of station stops is expected to stabilize further in 2023, as is the demand structure for station stops.

As a result of the recovery from Covid-19 in 2023, rental income in stations should increase positively and be above the level of 2022.

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