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Education and integration

Deutsche Bahn Foundation, together with the Reading Foundation (Stiftung Lesen), is heavily involved in reading and language support. The joint commitment is expressed in the nationwide reading aloud day and the annual reading study. Since 2022, the reading study has been continued as a monitoring tool. Data on topics such as reading behavior, reading helpers and locations, or reading and media in the domestic environment are collected and updated in a comparable way.

In addition to the digital offer Simply read aloud!, reading help was tested in 2022 at ten day-care centers in coopera­­tion with the Reading Foundation (Stiftung Lesen). Multilingual materials and books are given particular consideration in the pilot project.

For a fourth year running, together with the Open Knowledge Foundation, Deutsche Bahn Foundation is strengthening digital skills for children and adolescents in structurally weak regions. For example, in 2022, another seven local workshops (a total of 22), so-called “youth hack labs,” were created, which make a contribution to greater educational justice with a regular free service.

In 2022, the Deutsche Bahn Foundation made a contribution to making up for gaps in education as a result of the Co­­­vid-19 pandemic with Balu&Du, a mentoring program for primary school pupils, and Climb learning holidays for disadvantaged children.

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