Green Transformation

Share of renewable energies in the traction current mix

Data are based on information and estimates available as of February of the respective year.

* Including additionally procured electricity for all of DB Group’s green services with 100% eco-power (for example Hamburg S-Bahn (metro) or DBeco plus) and taking into account a forecast based on the German Renewable Energy Sources Act (Erneuerbare- Energien-Gesetz; EEG) subsidy.

In 2022, we also increased the share of renewable energies in the DB rail traction current mix in Germany. The expansion of renewable energies in Germany also presents challenges. Instead of a small number of large fossil-fuel power plants with a constant supply, we need to upgrade our infrastructure to accommodate an increasingly decentralized energy supply from smaller, renewable electricity producers with a variable output. The LuFV III enables us to carry out the necessary infrastructure measures in the German traction current grid. DB Netze Energy, for example, will set up seven new converters by 2028. We also use sensors and AI so that we can continue to manage the increased complexity of the traction current grid in future with high supply reliability.

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