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Events with a major impact on society, such as the Covid-19 pandemic, the war in Ukraine or inflation, coupled with corresponding fears for the future, have a direct impact on our business, our customers and, in particular, our employees. We also put the foundations in place for a successful mobility transition in these challenging times by maintaining a focus on the Strong Rail targets.

Our “100,000 employees” strategic target highlights our efforts on a highly competitive labor market to inspire people to work for DB Group, to help them get qualifications to make them fit for the future and to offer them long-term prospects in DB Group. In the context of the Strong Rail strategy, “100,000 employees” is also helping shape the Green Transformation together. Our HR strategy provides us with a suitable framework for this: forward-looking staff planning, innovative talent acquisition, a holistic approach to management, qualification and transformation, actively designing the work of the future, and diversity.

Making DB Group more robust means proactively managing human resources, being able to have the right employees in the right place at the right time, and detecting potential capacity bottlenecks at an early stage. These are the tasks of our staff planning systems, which we continue to develop and anchor in DB Group.

In order to get potential employees in the competitive labor market excited about our diverse job profiles and entry opportunities, we focus on innovative HR marketing and recruitment and constantly refine our employment conditions. Attractive employment conditions not only help us meet our existing personnel needs despite the tense labor market, but also ensure a high level of employee loyalty.

The professional qualifications of our employees are another important success factor. We ensure that employees can get their bearings in their new working area by taking steps as early as during the onboarding process. In the long term, we ensure that our employees can perform and act with confidence through targeted qualification programs and offerings. As part of the Group project “Learning@DB,” we are developing a modern and sustainable learning infrastructure that is oriented towards the goal of establishing a Group-wide learning environment.

The innovative strength of our organization results from appreciative, results-oriented cooperation, which we promote through our “compass for strong teamwork” (Kompass für ein Starkes Miteinander) within the DB Group. As a cultural element, the compass gives executives and employees direction and is part of the structure and design of all our HR products and processes.

Diversity and open-mindedness are not only our basic principles, but also an intrinsic core component of our culture. We value the different perspectives, values and experiences of our diverse workforce and, as DB Group, we always try to be a force for greater social solidarity. For this purpose, we have an active diversity management. Corresponding measures and activities are implemented under the framework of the Group initiative “Uniquely different” (“Einziganders”) and promoted within DB Group.

We regularly measure the satisfaction of our employees and the current state of our corporate culture throughout the Group with our employee survey and with our culture barometer in the Integrated Rail System. In the Group-wide “employee workshops” process, the results are evaluated across all teams and appropriate changes and improve­ments are drawn up. The fact that participation and helping shape corporate policy are of great importance to us in DB Group is also demonstrated by the fact that 15 employee building blocks are anchored as a core component of the Strong Rail strategy.

In order to remain an attractive and innovative employer in the future, we work on future topics such as the effects of digital change at an early stage. In this way, we look to tackle important challenges in a timely and sustainable manner. The Group initiative “People. Make. The Future.” serves as a framework for this, with its future labs, dialogs and partnerships. With the Smart HR transformation project, we are standardizing and simplifying our HR processes and exploiting the potential of digitalization, ensuring more efficiency and effectiveness, in keeping with Strong Rail.

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