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Employee building blocks

Our employees are involved in the implementation of the strategy by means of the “15 employee building blocks.” The goal is to develop additional building blocks that reflect the key concerns of employees and support the implementation of the strategy. To date, more than 1,300 employees have contributed as developers.

The building blocks are developed in a six-month participation process. Once a building block has been selected, a “construction manager,” together with a team, takes over its concrete design and implementation of this building block within DB Group.

In 2022, the three expansion blocks regarding knowledge management, “My knowledge – Your knowledge – Our knowledge,” “Colleagues leave; their knowledge remains” and “Knowing how the railway works,” were successfully ended and became standard. In addition, three further employee expansion blocks were identified, which were developed in the participation process:

  • “Just ask me:” Products continued to be promoted in this area. The building block aims to make better use of employees’ practical knowledge during decision-making processes by means of increased integration. To this end, among other measures, a platform was successfully piloted where employees make forecasts on business-related topics and thus give specialist departments guidance when making decisions.
  • “Team DB in rail operations” was agreed in 2022: The module addresses the key concerns of around 55,000 employees working in rail operations (for example traffic controllers, train drivers and train personnel). For this target group, DB Group has set itself the goal of increasing the knowledge of the processes and activities of other professional groups, providing relevant information for all rail operations more easily and establishing formats for improvements on-site in everyday life.
  • The wave of expansion “Improving improvements” began in September 2022. By December 2022, solutions were sought with 180 developers, which were intended to strengthen problem solutions and process improvements by employees on-site in DB Group.
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