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The procurement volume corresponds to the projections and forecasts of requirements of the business units and the contractual obligations to suppliers that DB Group has entered into. On subsequent realization these become capital expenditures or expenses (mainly cost of materials and other operating expenses). The total procurement volume in 2022 (excluding DB Arriva) was € 46.7 billion (previous year: € 40.7 billion):

  • Freight and freight forwarding services rose significantly to € 18.7 billion, primarily due to pricing (previous year: € 15.8 billion).
  • Industrial products increased to € 8.5 billion (previous year: € 7.3 billion), driven by the second order of ICE 3neo vehicles.
  • Construction and engineering services rose to € 8.9 billion (previous year: € 7.8 billion), which resulted from higher material costs and the increased volume of capital expenditures on track infrastructure in the next few years.
  • Third-party services rose to € 7.6 billion (previous year: € 7.3 billion), which is due in particular to price effects at DB Cargo.
  • Cable- and pipe-bound power and fuel rose to € 3.1 billion (previous year: € 2.6 billion), which was attributable to trends in energy prices in particular.

1) Excluding DB Arriva.

The share of local procurement volume in Germany was € 21.5 billion in 2022 (previous year: € 18.3 billion).

PRocurement volume / € million




Procurement volume in Germany 1)




Share of local procurement volume (%)




The procurement volume is the total of all the net order values – from individual orders and from framework contracts – that have been completed.
1) Excluding DB Schenker, excluding DB Arriva.

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