Regulations in DB Group

In order to ensure coordinated and targeted action in DB Group, general guidelines are necessary for all employees. One format used for this purpose are directives, which predominantly contain ideal rules and which prescribe binding framework requirements for a defined scope. The Management Board sets out the inner ambitions, Group principles and Group directives as a basis for the additional regulations.

Inner ambitions, Group principles and Group directives

Group directives contain the key requirements for Group-wide leadership and management topics. They are decided by the Management Board and are part of the management handbook. The management handbook includes the inner ambitions, four Group principles (strategy, management, strong cooperation and ethics/code of conduct) and ten Group directives (organization, HR management, finance, marketing, communication, IT and telecommunications, procurement, competition and regulation, risk minimization, Integrated Rail System in Germany) and the basic structure of DB Group and the process map. In the Group principles on ethics, among other things, it is noted that DB Group complies with internationally recognized human rights and basic freedoms as part of its business activities in accordance with the principles set out in the UN Global Compact. The Group directive on risk minimization stipulates that DB Group is committed to acting in accordance with the rules, in particular with regard to ethical standards (principles and values), human rights, corporate governance, competitive behavior, integrity, data protection and data security, as well as environmental protection, and for consistent prevention, clarification and punishment of corruption, antitrust and export control violations, and financial crime.

The management handbook is updated twice a year and is coordinated by the Group organization. The management handbook is published in the Group regulations database, which is communicated via corporate communications, the internal DB management portal on Group-wide regulations on structure and process organization, and the intranet.

Framework guidelines

The Group directives are subject to framework guidelines. These are guidelines issued by Group management that apply for several business units or service units. Individual directives detail the rules on topics such as donations, environmental management, occupational health and safety or data protection. When framework guidelines are introduced, updated or suspended, the framework regulations coordinators for all relevant business units or service units are integrated.

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