Customer and quality

New product and service concepts

New service capacity utilization display

In April 2019 we launched a new capacity utilization display to be used in the travel information on and in DB Navigator. The digital display shows the predicted capacity utilization for each long-­­distance transport train for the next 28 days.

New Park+Ride App

In cooperation with start-­­up AIPARK, the Stuttgart S-­­Bahn (metro) is developing a new Park+Ride app. The app shows whether it is worth leaving the car, predicts the capacity utilization of parking spaces and helps users to navigate to free parking spaces with seamless connections to local public transport in real time.

Continuous further development for better information and greater comfort

  • Since August 2019 customers have been able to book season tickets and long-­­distance transport subscriptions as a mobile or online ticket.
  • Since October 2019 it has been possible to book tickets for children travelling alone via DB Navigator.
  • Since December 2019 the expanded car sequence has been available in DB Navigator and on for both ICE and Intercity/EC trains. Customers can use the service to see where special cars are on the train.
  • In addition, 36 transport associations have now been integrated into DB Navigator, meaning that more than 90% of the people who live in these network areas can use DB Navigator’s services.

ioki expands its offers

With ioki, we are bringing On-Demand-Mobility Nr. 142 and autonomous driving into public transport. We have expanded our offer:

  • In the Hamburg districts of Lurup and Osdorf, transport company Hamburg-­­Holstein GmbH (VHH) operates in cooperation with ioki an on-­­demand bus service – ioki Hamburg. With 20 electric vehicles, ioki Hamburg takes passengers to their destinations using flexible routes 24/7. More than 215,000 passengers used the services in the first year. Another Hamburg district was added to the operating area with Billbrook in November 2019.
  • ioki and Stadtwerke Krefeld (SWK) developed a night transport service in Krefeld, which can be booked via the “mein SWCAR” app. On-­­demand shuttles are a flexible service supplementing local public transport during off-­ peak times between 8 p.m. and 4 a.m.
  • Autonomous driving on public roads in Germany is approaching its next major development in Bad Birnbach. The driverless shuttle bus uses a road to connect the town center with the station located 2 km away.

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