Development of business units

Digitalization and innovation

  • DB Cargo is advancing the digitalization of its freight car fleet: at the end of the year under review, about 43,700 cars were already equipped with the latest telematics and intelligent sensors. By the end of 2020, the entire fleet of about 68,000 cars in Germany are to be digitally equipped.
  • In April 2019, the DB Cargo/VTG working group presented the results of the research project on construction and testing of innovative freight cars the BMVI.
  • With its digital product suite, Wagon Intelligence offers a comprehensive range of solutions in the context of digitalization. Through the use of Wagon Timer (detecting and reducing standstill time), Wagon Compass (transparent presentation of freight car journey), Wagon Operator (transparency of train formation yards and unloading points to detect and avoid congestion), Wagon Shock Detector (detecting disruptions throughout Europe) and Wagon Analytics (mass data analysis of congestion points, duration times and routes), we are increasing transparency and are able to offer our customers innovative services and optimize workflows at DB Cargo.
  • DB Cargo has signed a contract with Siemens Mobility for forward-­­looking maintenance. The partnership is the first time in Europe that a manufacturer and a TOC are joining together in order to exchange and utilize technical data even after the vehicles have been delivered. Through what is referred to as condition-­­based maintenance, vehicles are no longer subject to rigid maintenance intervals, but are maintained according to their needs and based on their current condition. By converting to condition-­­based and forward-­­looking maintenance, availability and accordingly profitability are increased.

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