Development of business units

Environmental measures

  • In 2017 and 2018, DB Cargo launched a comprehensive program to procure a total of 100 electrical multisystem locomotives of the 193 series, which were delivered in the year under review and are in use. A significant energy saving is achieved through the use of the new multisystem locomotives.
  • The driver assistance system LEADERNO. 08 (Locomotive Engineer Assist Display and Event Recorder) has been in operation since autumn 2016. In the year under review, 641 electric multiple units from the relevant 145, 152, 185 and 187 series were equipped with LEADER. The system functions as a personal assistant and provides tips on how to best steer the train using the respective line profile and how to take advantage of schedule buffers. Since May 2019, all LEADER devices have been connected to the operational live data of DB Netz AG. This complements the driving recommendation calculations using the information on the actual operating situation. Leader processes statistical data and shows the vehicle driver driving recommendations for energy-­­saving driving.
  • Modern electric traction units can feed electrical energy back into the traction current grid when braking. DB Cargo has optimized the use of the maximum permissible braking forces in the automatic driving and braking operation for 180 traction units of the 185.1 series, thereby significantly improving the energy efficiency of these traction units.

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