Development of business units

Development of our fleet

Vehicle conversion measures

The measures to improve our vehicle fleet include the redesign of the interior, the installation of passenger information and video recording systems and the renewal of the paintwork.

  • Since 2016, 69 out of a total of 111 vehicles of the 474 series have been refurbished for S-­­Bahn (metro) Hamburg.
  • A total of 36 vehicles of the 420 series and 238 vehicles of the 423 series are to be refurbished for the S-­­Bahn (metro) Munich transitional contract. In the year under review 13 electric multiple units of the 420 series and 84 electric multiple units of the 423 series were modernized.
  • For the Rhine-­­Ruhr S-­­Bahn (metro), 48 vehicles of the 422 series have been refitted, including 20 in the year under review.
  • In line with the commissioning of the regional railway line 27 in North Rhine­­Westphalia the modernization of 16 electric multiple units of the 425 series was completed.
  • By the end of 2019, eight out of a total of 20 double-­­deck cars were modernized for the Haardachse network.

New vehicles purchases

  • 18 double-­­deck rail cars were ordered from Stadler for the Schleswig-­­Holstein East e-­­network transport contract. Delivery is scheduled for December 2022.
  • In the year under review, the eight vehicles of the 622 series from Alstom ordered for the Nuremberg d-network were put into operation as scheduled.
  • For the Rhine-­­Moselle-­­Express, the delivery of the 1440 series from Alstom started and 16 vehicles were accepted as scheduled.
  • For the Saar e-­­network, 25 vehicles of the 1440 series were accepted on schedule, then resold to the lessor and rented from them.
  • In December 2019, seven rail cars of the 430 series were ordered from Bombardier for the S-­­Bahn (metro) Rhine-­
    Main transport contract. Delivery is scheduled for the first half-­­year of 2023.

Vehicle availability under stress

Vehicle availability improved during the year under review. However, there were still delays and restrictions relating to the delivery of new trains:

  • The delivery of the 2010 double-­­deck cars for the Schles­wig-­­­­­Holstein Central network, which began in December 2015 having been delayed by Bombardier, was completed in the year under review.
  • Since December 2016, a total of 15 locomotives and three diesel rail cars have been rented from Paribus for use in the Schleswig-­­Holstein West network transport contract. The delayed rental of the 90 passenger cars from Paribus began after the rectification of defects in the last quarter of 2019.
  • To date, 40 of the total of 82 vehicles of the 490 series have been contractually accepted for the transport contract for the Hamburg S-­­Bahn (metro), which started in December 2018. In addition to this, another eight vehicles are being used as part of a transfer of use.
  • The PESA Link diesel multiple units of the 632 series and 633 series were accepted in the year under review for the Sauerland transport contract. For the Dreieich transport contract, the delivery of the 632 series will be completed with the acceptance of the last vehicle in 2020. In terms of vehicles for the Allgäu d-­­network transport contract, no authorization has yet been granted. The full delivery of the vehicles is expected to take place in 2020.
  • The delivery of the vehicles ordered from Škoda for the Nuremberg-­­Ingolstadt-­­Munich-­­Express is expected to take place only in the first half of 2020 due to the present deficiencies.

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