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Markets and strategy

The German regional rail passenger transport and local public transport market will continue to grow in the coming years.Increasing regionalization funds will create stability in the coming years. From the climate package we expect further positive stimuli for German local public transport. DB Regional intends to benefit from this positive market environment as the largest provide.

DB Regional is oriented towards the Strong Rail strategy and interprets it for local transport under the slogan “Regional and urban mobility.” DB Regional understands local public transport across different modes of transport and brings together regional rail passenger transport, bus, sharing and pooling offers and, in the future, its platform solutions as well. This is carried out in collaboration with other Group companies such as ioki, Clevershuttle or Mobimeo.

In order to achieve the objectives, the strategy of DB Regional consists of the three strategic areas of the Strong Rail strategy:

  • DB Regional is becoming MORE ROBUST: Thanks to modern vehicles and the increasing use of the possibilities of digitalization and automation in operation and maintenance, DB Regional contributes to a sustained improvement in quality and an appreciation in the value of regional rail passenger transport. In addition to these aspects, more capacity is also needed. To this end, DB Regional, in consultation with the public transport authorities, intends to gradually increase the fleet strength and systematically invest in the redesign of existing vehicles and in a sustainable improvement in quality. Sufficient and qualified personnel are also of great importance for a robust operation.
  • DB Regional is becoming MORE POWERFUL: For DB Regional, quality and management capability continue to be important topics. For this purpose, the DB excellence system is being implemented in operations and maintenance. Driving assistance systems are increasingly being used, platforms and IT systems are being developed to allow customer assistants to be digitally networked, and AI is being explored in planning and scheduling. In maintenance, DB Regional combines operation and maintenance by automating data on the technical vehicle condition and transmitting it to maintenance during the journey. To this end, the fleet is equipped with sensors and transmission facilities.
  • DB Regional is becoming MORE MODERN: Together with intra-­­Group partners, DB Regional is expanding cross-­mobility solutions and making it possible to connect regional rail passenger transport and local public transport to create an intelligent addition. DB Regional intends to defend its position as the leading provider of urban and regional mobility in Germany in the future and to further strengthen it with innovations and an even greater customer focus.

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