Development of business units

General framework

DB Netze Energy implemented BNetzA regulation in due time

In July 2019, as a result of complaints from TOCs and electricity suppliers about delayed grid usage and balancing group settlements, the BNetzA had obliged DB Energie GmbH to compile and forward all open settlements by November 1, 2019, as well as after the above-mentioned date, within the contractually agreed periods. Compliance with the requirements was achieved, whereby the settlements have been submitted to all customers in due time since then, and a threatened penalty payment could be avoided.

BNetzA opens a procedure for defining traction current grid access

At the beginning of 2019, Resolution Chamber 6 of the BNetzA opened a procedure for the further development of business processes for access to the traction current grid with a market consultation. The procedure for defining should improve transparency and liability of the access rules, data formats and communication deadlines for all market partners (electricity suppliers, TOCs, vehicle owners and DB Netze Energy as the operator of the traction current grid). DB Netze Energy has introduced its own proposals to this end and welcomes this further development, which was expected to be adopted at the beginning of 2020.

Federal Court of Justice confirms the methods for determining equity interest rate

On July 9, 2019, the Federal Court of Justice approved the BNetzA reduction of the equity interest rate for operators of electricity grids and thus repealed the decision of the Higher Regional Court of Düsseldorf. The Higher Regional Court had criticized the BNetzA methods for the calculation of the equity interest rate, as it did not adequately take into account the special features of the capital markets. About 1,100 municipal utilities and network operators, including DB Netze Energy, had lodged a complaint against the reduction of the permitted equity interest rate by the BNetzA. For DB Netze Energy, the Federal Court’s decision means that, for the duration of the third regulatory period from 2019 to 2023, an equity interest rate of 6.91% applies to new installations and 5.12% for old installations. This significantly lowers the equity interest rate compared to the second regulatory period (9.05% for new installations and 7.14% for old installations).

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