Development of business units

Digitalization and innovation

Passenger information of the future

The passenger information of the future is the largest software development project in DB Netze Stations to date. We have converted over 70 stations in Saxony, Bavaria and Lower Saxony to the new passenger information system. In this context, a new voice was chosen for clearly understandable announcements at the stations. DB employees and customer associations were involved in the selection of the new voice at the station.

Smart cities

The goal of Smart City | DB is to offer solutions for intelligent and environmentally friendly networking of mobility and logistics based on existing infrastructure. The station forms the basis of the product portfolio and is to be further developed into a mobility hub with a higher quality of stay. The transfer of the organizational unit in May 2019 to DB Netze Stations aims to establish a closer link with the station’s points of focus.

The first Smart City station was unveiled in the summer of 2019 at the Berlin-­Charlottenburg S-­Bahn (metro) station. In addition to the modernization of the station building and the improvement of the entrance hall with smart benches, the station forecourt was also remodeled in close coopera­­tion with the district. Further development of the concepts is planned at other stations in Germany, such as at the Damm­tor and Harburg stations in Hamburg, and at Mülheim station in Cologne.

Smart City | DB seeks and maintains dialogue with cities. In addition to the existing Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the free and Hanseatic city of Hamburg, which was signed in 2017, a further MoU was concluded in September 2019 with the City of Cologne and the Nahververkehr Rheinland (local transport Rhineland), with the aim of providing digital solutions and innovative ideas to make public transport more climate-­friendly and convenient for citizens.

Expanding cleaning via WhatsApp

At 222 stations, customers can now register necessary cleaning via WhatsApp.

Future stations

In the year under review, we launched new services and offers at 16 future stations NO. 74 We want to increase the satisfaction of our customers with measures such as digital waste bins, a moss wall for a better climate and parking spaces for e-­scooters.

The first Bike+Ride campaign storage facility

Together with the Federal Government, we successfully launched our Bike+Ride campaign. By 2022, up to 100,000 new bicycle spaces will be created at stations throughout Germany. The first system was opened in Hof in September 2019.

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