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Arbitration processes for the Rastatt Tunnel ongoing

Following the damage in the east tunnel of the Rastatt Tunnel, preparations to renovate have been underway since the previous year. In July 2019, the application for plan change was submitted to the EBA. The corresponding approval procedure will take about one year. On the basis of a further agreement between DB Netz AG and the working group (Arbeitsgemeinschaft; ARGE) Tunnel Rastatt (consortium), resuming the tun­­neling operation should continue in the non-­damaged western part in 2020. At the same time, the mediation proceedings agreed between DB Group and ARGE Tunnel Rastatt from the previous year are ongoing, to clarify the cause of the damage during tunnel boring and thus who is respon­sible. The procedure continues due to numerous poten­­tial causes of damage that are to be determined.

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