Development of business units

Deutsche Bahn International Operations

Deutsche Bahn International Operations GmbH acquires, initiates and is responsible for rail operations and maintenance projects outside Europe. The focus is on asset-­light projects with opportunities for attractive returns, which contribute to the Strong Rail strategy by strengthening profits, know-­how and employer attractiveness. In return, customers of Deutsche Bahn International Opera­­tions benefit from the wide-­ranging expertise of DB Group. New project opportunities are constantly being tested and pursued in North America, Latin America, the Near and Middle East, and Asia.

  • The Etihad Rail DB, in which Deutsche Bahn International Operations holds a 49% share, was commissioned in the first half of 2019 to bring its experience and expertise gained from the operation of a 260-km-long freight line in the United Arab Emirates, into the planning process for a new, about 600-km-­long line in the UAE.
  • In the USA, the operation of a first section of the California High-­Speed Rail is currently being prepared in Cen­­tral Valley. The operation of the first high-­speed line in California, which is to connect San Francisco and Los Angeles, will be commissioned in a few years with the support of Deutsche Bahn International Operations and transitioned into regular operation. At present, DB Engineering&Consulting USA Inc., together with Deutsche Bahn International Operations, is advising the US Federal agency in California on the preparation of the rail operations.

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