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Throughout Europe, regional and local transport contracts are being increasingly put out to tender. DB Arriva expects to continue taking advantage of these in the future. DB Arriva has operations in the bus and/or rail transport business in 14 European countries. This constitutes a good position for further growth. The liberalization of the European passenger transport markets is still, however, progressing at different speeds across Europe..

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Figures for 2018 and 2019 are based on information and estimates available as of February 2020.

There is a close correlation between the performance of the economy and developments in the European passenger transport market. The environment for passenger transport in Europe developed favorably in 2019. Employment grew, but more moderately than in previous years. Wages and salaries continued to increase significantly, contributing to the continued positive consumer sentiment in private households. At the same time, fuel prices remained virtually the same.

FlixBus continued to be the main driver of developments in European long-­­distance bus services. In addition, BlaBlaBus positioned itself as a new, major long-­­distance bus brand in Europe.

European rail passenger transport grew significantly. There was greater international activity from European railways:

  • In Italy, the expansion of services by state-­­owned railway Trenitalia and private railway Italo boosted volume sold. Trenitalia also applied for high-­­speed train-­­paths in France and Spain.
  • France witnessed the longest rail strike in its history at the end of the year. The French state-­­owned railway SNCF prepared to enter the Spanish market, while the Spanish state-­­owned railway RENFE decided to enter the French market.
  • Demand in Sweden rose due to the trend of passengers avoiding traveling by plane. The Swedish state-­­owned railway SJ added to its national night train service and prepared for the service to expand across Europe.
  • FlixTrain applied for train-­­path in France and Sweden.
  • In the Czech Republic, the expansion of services from the private operator Regiojet led to a performance increase. The Leo Express private railway expanded to Poland.

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