Innovative noise remediation – Project I-LENA

Together with the BMVI, we have launched the new and application-­­oriented noise remediation testing initiative (I-­­LENA), in which about 30 innovative products for NOISE PROTECTION NO. 43 are being field-­­tested on the infrastructure until the end of 2020. These include, among other things, new noise barriers, improved rail grinding and damping of the rail. Another focus of I-­LENA NO. 54 is sound protection technology for particular noise hotspots. These include, for example, cornering squeals, construction noise or irritating droning when passing through railway bridges. In the year under review, low, lineside noise barriers, temporary noise barriers against construction noise and a new rail grinding method were tested, among others. By the end of the year under review, 23 measures were installed on five test runs or test fields.

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