The Green Transformation

As one of Europeʼs largest transport infrastructure oper­ators, we take responsibility for the environment because we want to leave the future generations with a healthy planet to live on. At the same time, we are noticing the consequences of climate change in our core business. According to a study conducted by the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, Germany is one of the three countries most affected by extreme weather in the world. That is why we want to become one of the most environmentally friendly companies in Germany’s mobility sector. With climate, nature and resource protection, and noise reduction, we are working on the important issues for us and our stakeholders. They are included in our strategic objectives and are part of our corporate identity as a sustainable transport services provider.

As an environmental brand, “This is green.” rep­resents the environ­mental strategy of DB Group with more than 150 green measures supporting it in the fields of climate protection, nature and resource conservation and noise reduction. This is Green was further developed within the context of the new Strong Rail strategy. Partic­ular highlights of 2019 were the 23rd environmental forum and the cor­porate campaign.

Our Strong Rail strategy creates the framework for the sustainable reduction of climate-­­damaging emissions and for biodiversity in the numerous adjacent nature reserves or the compensating natural spaces we have created. We ensure resource conservation, in particular by reusing building materials in the development of our infrastructure and by sorting construction and municipal waste for reuse. At the same time, noise barriers and windows on new and existing routes are reducing the effects of our transport growth on local residents.

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