Events after the balance sheet date

Promotion of public regional rail passenger transport

In early 2020, the Bundestag (Lower House of Parliament) and the Bundesrat (Upper House of Parliament) decided to amend the Regionalization Act (Regionalisierungsgesetz; RegG) to increase the Federal states’ regionalization funds for regional rail passenger transport. The € 8.8 billion planned for 2020, which will be increased by 1.8% annually until 2031, will therefore be further increased: thus, in the years 2020, 2021 and 2023, an additional € 150 million will also be available. As the rate of 1.8% is also applied to this increase, an increase of € 5.2 billion is expected in the period 2020 to 2031. In a protocol declaration, the Federal Government also announced that a law will be launched by the end of this year to limit the increase in train-­path and station fees in regional rail passenger transport to the legal increase rate of the regionalization funds of 1.8%.

At the same time, the Bundestag and Bundesrat have also significantly increased the means of promoting the construction and expansion of rail-­based public transport (especially subways, S-­Bahn (metros) and trams). The Federal funds from the GVFG will increase from the current € 332 million to about € 665 million in 2020 and to € 1 billion from 2021. A further increase to € 2 billion is planned for 2025. As of 2026, this amount will be increased by 1.8% similarly to the RegG. In addition, more project types are eligible for funding and the Federal Government will assume a higher share of financing in the supported GVFG projects.

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