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Deutsche Bahn Group (DB Group) is a leading supplier of mobility and logistical services with a clear focus on rail transport in Germany. Its headquarters are in Berlin. About 340,000 employees are employed by DB Group, including over 200,000 in the integrated rail system. By integrating transport and rail infrastructure, as well as through the economically and environmentally intelligent linking of all modes of transport, we move both people and goods.

DB Group largely consists of the integrated rail system and the two major international subsidiaries DB Schenker and DB Arriva.

Our integrated rail system includes our passenger transport activities in Germany, our rail freight transport activities, the operating service units and the rail infrastructure companies (RIC) in Germany.

  • In passenger transport, we transport more than seven million people each day on our trains and buses in the integrated rail system.
  • In rail freight transport, our network carries more than 230 million tons of freight each year.
  • At about 33,000 km, our rail network in Germany is Europe’s longest and we are also one of Germany’s largest energy suppliers.

The major international subsidiaries DB Schenker and DB Arriva expand the service portfolio:

  • DB Arriva transports over six million passengers per day throughout Europe by train and bus.
  • DB Schenker transports over 100 million shipments on ­the road, about 1.2 million tons of air freight and almost 2.3 million TEU of ocean freight per year.

With our national and international services, we take on leading market positions in the market segments relevant to our activities:

  • In Europe DB Group is market leader in regional rail passen­ger transport and second in long-­­distance rail passenger transport.
  • DB Group occupies third position in European public road passenger transport.
  • DB Group is also market leader in track infrastructure and in operating stations in Europe, as well as in European rail freight transport and in European land transport.
  • DB Schenker takes fourth place in air freight worldwide, and fifth in ocean freight and contract logistics.

With the new Strong Rail strategy. DB Group is focusing on the business operations of the integrated rail sys­­tem. Given the importance of Strong Rail for Europe, Europe will continue as the field of action for DB Group in the future. Major international subsidiaries such as DB Schenker and DB Arriva will in the future be measured for their contribution to Strong Rail. Strategically relevant subsidiaries such as DB Schenker will therefore continue to be held as financial investments. Subsidiaries without strategic relevance will be reviewed.

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