Operational business relationships

The most extensive operational business relationships result from the use of the track infrastructure and the procurement of energy. As for non-­­Group customers, fees for the use of infrastructure are based on the published pricing systems (train-­­path pricing system, facility pricing system and station pricing system). The procurement of energy includes the purchase of traction energy (diesel fuel and traction current) as well as electricity for stationary facilities (such as switch heaters and train preheating systems).

The main effects of the intra-­­Group settlement of business relationships between the various DB Group business units for services rendered in infrastructure utilization are illustrated in the table below:

Intra-Group business relationship from infrastructure utilization in 2019 (€ million)


DB Regional

DB Cargo

DB Netze


DB Netze

DB Netze


DB ArrivaDB Schenker

Train-path utilization







Use of local infrastructure 







Station use






Energy charges









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