Additional environmental key figures

Anticipated development




Specific greenhouse gas emissions in comparison to 2006 (%)

– 34.8


Track kilometers noise remediated in total as of Dec 31 (km)



Quiet freight cars in Germany as of Dec 31



Recycling rate (%)



  • In terms of reducing our greenhouse gas emissions, we are already at a good level due to the efficiency improvements achieved, particularly in ocean freight and land transport by DB Schenker and rail transport in Germany. Our main measure in order to achieve the 2030 targets is to increase the share of renewable energies for our elec­tricity-­­based transport and the ongoing moderni­zation of our fleets and facilities.
  • We will continue the noise remediation of lines as scheduled in 2020.
  • We will complete the conversion of freight cars as scheduled in 2020.
  • Despite the increasing volume of construction, we will keep the recycling rate at a high level.

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