Folge-Up workshops and idea management

Employee satisfaction





Employee satisfaction (SI)


Follow-up workshops implementation rate (%)



The employee satisfaction survey is conducted every two years. If no survey has been conducted, the key figure Follow-­­up workshop implementation rate is used.

We measure the satisfaction of our employees using the various organizational general frameworks, and their engagement through our two-­­year anonymized Group-­­wide employee survey. Following the 2018 employee survey, follow-­­up workshops were designed as a follow-­­up measure based on the results. Based on the positive feedback from 2017 workshop participants, the basic concept of the follow-­­up workshops was expanded and implemented on the basis of the previous cornerstones and quality standards. In the year under review, the flexibility in the formats, methods and business-­­specific topics of the follow-­­up workshops was greatly increased in order to ensure an optimal fit for team-­­specific challenges by executives. The majority of the measures were derived for the areas of action of integration and further development.

A total of more than 12,000 follow-­­up workshops were carried out Group-­­wide, in which about 150,000 employees took part. This value is at a comparably high level as in previous years.

In addition, the initiative and participation will be strengthened through the modernization of idea management, which has been supported by a new Web-­­based IT system since the beginning of the year under review. Improvement initiatives from employees can now be assessed and implemented even more quickly. This means that ideas can now be entered from any device, and the employee has transparency about where and in which phase their idea currently is and when it will be implemented.

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