Personnel planning

In order to ensure DB Group is robust, we need precise personnel management, from recruiting, qualification and functional training, right through to operational availability. We are working to close capacity and skills gaps through holistic resource management and to have the right number of the right employees in the right place. In the Strategic Staff Planning (Strategische Personalplanung; SPP), we have an established strategic instrument for analyzing the challenges to our Human Resources policy, creating for us a standardized and systematized ten-­­year view into the future in terms of personnel shortfalls and overlaps in operation-­­critical activities. Through the Strategic Workforce Management, we have further developed the SPP. In addition to the quantitative aspects, qualitative aspects such as the changing professional requirements, activities and skills are taken into consideration in the Strategic Workforce Management, in order to ensure that we can qualify and recruit in an even more targeted manner in the future. We have tested the concept in various companies and applied it in different divisions in the year under review.

In the year under review, a project was set up to review the staff planning process in order to ensure a standardized approach to the development of meaningful and robust Group-­­wide staff planning. In addition to the greater standardization of responsibilities and skills, the requirements on the system side were also in focus. This means that even greater transparency is achieved in all aspects of staff planning.

In order to improve our forecasting capability, we are also working with innovative methods such as AI and machine learning, which analyze individual aspects of staff planning and questions that go beyond them in the form of specific use cases.

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