Targets and management approach

Our Human Resources strategy is a vital component of the Strong Rail strategy. It follows the guideline “with people for people.”

We intend to recruit, qualify and retain about 100,000 new employees. This objective is expected to make a critical contribution to making DB Group more robust overall.

Our Human Resources strategy comprises four strategic areas of action:

  • forward-­­looking personnel planning,
  • innovative recruiting,
  • a holistic approach to management, qualification and transformation, and
  • actively designing the work of the future.

The objective of each of these four areas of action is to make an important contribution to making DB Group fit for the challenges of the future.

Our major challenge is the demographic change in society and in our workforce. Half of the employees in Germany will leave us in the next ten to 12 years. At the same time, the availability of skilled workers on the labor market in many professions is becoming more and more scarce.

For this reason, we are working to close capacity and skill gaps through resource management and to have the right number of the right employees in the right place. We are focusing on combining precise personnel planning and massive recruitment and qualification.

Our strong employer branding ensures that we are positioning ourselves as an attractive employer in the applicant market and reaching our target groups early via the relevant communication channels. Our indicator employer attractiveness is calculated on the basis of the Trendence employer rankings, which are weighted according to target group.

New approaches to management, qualification and transformation are expected to bring greater assumption of responsibility, cooperation and performance capability to our organization. We are focusing on building up high- performing processes for employee development, performance management and generation management. The new compass for a strong cooperation developed with employee participation should serve as an orientation and benchmark for all employees and executives in DB Group – for better collaboration and performance in the interests of our customers.

Furthermore, the 15 employee building blocks are anchored as a new participatory element of the Strong Rail strategy.

In order to be a more modern, forward-­­looking group, we are clearly committed to the diversity of our workforce and we are working intensively to meet the challenges of the future of work. Within the framework of future labs, we are searching for ideas and responses to changing activities and job profiles, changing requirements for life and working models and new forms of collaboration.

We measure the satisfaction of our employees using the various organizational general frameworks – along with their engagement – through our Group-­­wide employee survey. It is used to determine the situation of the entire Group – broken down to the team level. Firmly anchored in this instrument is our approach of deriving concrete changes and improvement measures using follow-­­up workshops and fixing them in a manner binding on executives and employees. Together with the follow-­­up workshops, the employee survey is a powerful tool for promoting our corporate culture.

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