The future of work and diversity

Group initiative on the work of the future

The new group initiative “People. Make. The Future.” provides a framework for dealing with Group-­­wide future career patterns in the industry, new working environments and new forms of collaboration. In order to obtain a comprehensive view of the topic and answer open questions about the future, future labs were founded. The objective is to develop concrete perspectives on the one hand and to derive the necessary steps to make us fit for tomorrow’s demands on the other. In this way, the future lab is further developing future perspectives for key professions in the rail sector in order to find solutions to digitalization and demographic changes. The New Ways of Cooperating and Agile Organizational Forms future lab is developing concepts in order to make new work topics practical for us and to create the appropriate organizational general framework. Users and experts from the Agility and Self-­­Organization network contribute together to disseminating methods, application examples and best practices among interested parties. In various agile islands, new innovative forms of collaboration have already been established in DB Group. Up to now, more than 5,000 employees have been working in structures that are agile or are in transformation. Many more employees are also working with agile methods in order to achieve advantages such as a higher adaptation speed and more attractive working environments, even within the existing organizational framework.

Group initiative on diversity

The Group initiative “Uniquely Different.” underlines our commitment to diversity by raising awareness of diversity, for example through the Diversity Week and the Diversity Day, and by appreciating and making visible DB Group’s commitment to diversity.

In 2019, the CEO and Chairman of the Man­age­ment Board of DB AG, Dr. Richard Lutz, took on the patronage of railbow, the LGBT network of DB Group. Under the umbrella of railbow, employ­ees are committed to deconstructing prejudices, promot­ing mutual respect and a positive working environment. For the first time, DB Group, together with railbow, participated in four Christopher Street Day parades with an official carriage.

With “Uniquely Different.”, we are committed to a corporate culture in which employees can actively contribute their various and individual ways of living and skills. We stand for a diversity of sexes, generations, ethnic and social origins, religions and world views, sexual orientations and identities, phys­­ical and mental abilities, as well as learning and working styles.

With this in mind, we promote and use diversity to support recruiting and retaining employees, increase our capacity for innovation and also to move closer to our customers. A clear commitment to diversity is an integral part of DB Group’s positioning as a cosmopolitan employer.

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