Strong Rail

Mobilization of employees

We are convinced that we will only achieve our goals with motivated employees and managers. Therefore, the active involvement of our employees in the implementation of the strategy is particularly crucial for achieving a strong rail system. The 15 employee bulding blocks are thus of particular significance. The goal is to develop 15 additional building blocks that reflect employeesʼ concerns and will enable DB Group to successfully implement all building blocks in the future. The additional building blocks are intend­­­­ed to create a general framework that will enable employ­ees to act in a sustainable way, in the sense of the strategy.

In interdisciplinary teams, employees develop their own solutions for the biggest challenges they face. The Management Board has undertaken to ensure that the 15 employee building blocks are implemented.

In addition, the core concern, strategic goals and the key messages must be enshrined in the attitude of all employees to enable successful mobilization. To this end, we are relying on strong and powerful internal and external communication regarding change.

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