Strong Rail

Strong Rail target system

Based on the transport policy objectives of the Federal Government, we are pursuing three sector goals, which we, at DB Group, are contributing to:

  • Doubling of passenger numbers in rail passenger transport,
  • increasing the market share of rail freight transport from 18% to 25%, and
  • generate 100% of traction current from renewable energies by 2038.

We measure the achievement of targets through ten DB-­specific targets. Our primary objective is to make our contribution to the shift in the mode of transport. To this end, we are focusing equally on growth in rail passenger and rail freight transport.

The shift in the mode of transport is a joint responsibility of the industry, which is why achieving the targets is not exclusively dependent on DB Group. In addition to supporting policy with accelerated approval processes, financing and fair competitive conditions, there is also a need, for example, for sufficient capacity in the industry to modernize and expand infrastructure facilities. We’re focusing on the collective work of all parties involved in the shift in the mode of transport. The exact time of the target achievement therefore depends on various factors that DB Group alone cannot influence.

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