Data protection and IT security

Awareness and qualification measures

We once again increased the already high quality of consultancy provided by the data protection organization by providing tailored specialist training opportunities in the year under review. Increasing awareness of data protection issues among all DB Group employees and executives in a targeted way involved regularly updating the intranet data protection blog with the latest data protection news. The Group’s Data Protection function has its own corporate identity, ensuring that it has a uniform appearance with a recognizable design for those outside of the function. This makes it easier for employees to connect information and campaigns with data protection.

The Data Protection, IT Security, Group Security and Compliance functions within DB Group are always in close collaboration on the topic of security. This not only allows the four governance areas to ensure that employees and customers receive the best possible protection, it also allows them to use and pool their synergies in a targeted manner.

In the year under review, this close cooperation enabled new employees, who were hired from September 1, 2019, to learn about security issues through targeted content in the welcome pack. During the onboarding process, the Group’s Data Protection function gives new employees webcam covers to stick to their cameras, as well as information about the four governance areas through their respective entries in the digital rail glossary.

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