Data protection and IT security

Ten years of DB Group's Data Protection Advisory Board

DB Group’s Data Protection Advisory Board has been advising the Management Board for almost ten years on key and strategic data protection issues. The focus is still on protecting the personal rights of employees and customers.

The use of modern technologies today is often inextricably linked with the use of personal data or data that allows an individual to be identified, especially with regard to digitalization. The possibilities of data processing are extensive, and any potential risks to the data subject’s personal rights must be averted. The use of AI and machine learning (ML) raises ethical questions, and the Advisory Board has a dedicated AI working group for this. Opportunities and risks arising from the digital revolution are discussed and advised upon with the Management Board and the relevant specialist departments.

The Advisory Board’s Data Protection Award was presented for the fifth time. It is awarded to employees who have implemented data protection processes in an innovative and exemplary way. This particular approach helps the Advisory Board to ensure that people are sufficiently aware of data protection issues, while making an important contribution to DB Group’s stakeholder dialog.

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