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Strong Rail

Our inner ambition

Germany needs a strong rail system – that is our inner ambition, and that is what we, at Deutsche Bahn, stand for. A strong rail system helps our country to overcome existential challenges:

  • For the climate.
  • For people.
  • For the economy.
  • For Europe.

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Our Strong Rail strategy

With the DB2020+ strategy, we have already set ourselves the goal of harmonizing the economic, social and environmental factors with our business goals. Since then, sustainability, in all its dimensions, has been anchored in our value framework and is an integral part of our DNA. In response to rapidly changing environmental, social and political conditions, but also to internal challenges, we have further developed our strategic focus and a new method of design – our inner ambition – which is the heart of our new Strong Rail strategy.

Strategy implementation

The building blocks of the Strong Rail strategy serve as a regulatory framework for the implementation and monitoring of the strategy.

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