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DB Group

Deutsche Bahn Group (DB Group) is a leading supplier of mobility and logistical services with a clear focus on rail transport in Germany. Its headquarters are in Berlin. About 340,000 employees are employed by DB Group, including over 200,000 in the integrated rail system. By integrating transport and rail infrastructure, as well as through the economically and environmentally intelligent linking of all modes of transport, we move both people and goods.

DB Group largely consists of the integrated rail system and the two major international subsidiaries DB Schenker and DB Arriva.

Organizational structure

Deutsche Bahn AG (DB AG) is the parent company of DB Group. It has been a stock corporation under German law since it was founded in 1994 and accordingly has a dual management and control structure comprising a Management Board and a Supervisory Board. It is wholly owned by the Federal Republic of Germany (Federal Government).

Within DB Group, DB AG manages all the business units in its function as an operating management holding company and supports the business units via various central Group functions (including legal, corporate development, finance and treasury, balance sheets, tax, insurance) and adminitratibr service units. In addition, operating service units, as legally independent DB AG subsidiaries, primarily provide services for internal customers. These include DB Systel GmbH, DB Sicherheit GmbH, DB Services GmbH and DB Kommunikationstechnik GmbH.

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