Report of the Supervisory Board

Annual financial statements

The auditors’ report was reviewed by the Audit and Compliance Committee in its meeting held on March 23, 2020, and was discussed in full at the Supervisory Board’s financial statements meeting held on March 25, 2020 in the presence of the auditors who signed the audit reports. The auditors reported on the salient audit findings and were available to answer questions. The Supervisory Board concurred with the audit findings.

The Supervisory Board reviewed the annual financial statements and management report of DB AG, the consolidated financial statements and Group management report for the year under review, and the proposal for the disposition of income, noting no objections. The DB AG annual financial statements for the 2019 financial year were approved and thereby adopted.

The auditor additionally reviewed the report on relationships with affiliated companies prepared by the Management Board. The auditors issued an unqualified audit opinion and reported on their audit findings.

The Supervisory Board also reviewed this report, raising no objections concerning the Management Board’s concluding declaration contained in the report or the result of the audit conducted by PwC.

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