Sustainability management

Strong Rail strategy as framework for sustainability reporting

With our new umbrella strategy Strong Rail we have set out our schedule for the coming years. It also forms the superordinate framework for our reporting.

We are also reliant on the support and acceptance of our stakeholders in order to successfully implement a strong rail system. As part of the 2019 materiality analysis, we asked them for an assessment of 16 important areas of action for sustainability. These reflect the focus points of our strategy and supplement it with other relevant topics from the context of our stakeholders. In the materiality analysis, the relevance of the areas of action for Deutsche Bahn Group (DB Group) and the impact that DB Group has on these areas of action were examined. In addition, the top executives of DB Group were questioned about the business relevance of the areas of action.

A total of six material areas of action in accordance with the definition of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) were identified for DB Group. They are a main focus point of our sustainability reporting and are also addressed by building blocks of the Strong Rail strategy.

In addition to the six major GRI topics, additional DB sustainability topics are reported as a result of an internal assessment of materiality, which are of great importance in the sustainability portfolio. We are also creating transparency on topics in which we, as a responsible company, see a constant duty to our shareholders.

Further Information on the materiality analysis

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