2018 Integrated Report – On track towards a better Railway

List of abbreviations

List of abbreviations


ABS Expansion line

AEG General Railways Act

Agv MoVe Mobility and Transport Services Association

AktG Stock Corporation Act

ApS Pro-Rail Alliance

AUD Australian dollar


bbl Barrel

BEV Federal Railway Fund

BGB Civil Code

BGH Federal Supreme Court

BilMoG Accounting Law Modernization Act

BMF Federal Ministry of Finance

BMVI Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure

BNetzA Federal Network Agency

BR Series (Baureihe)

BSW Railway Social Work Foundation

BSWAG Federal Rail Infrastructure Extension Act

Bund German Federal Government

Bus km Bus kilometers

BUV Requirement Plan Implementation Agreement

BVWP Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan

B2B Business-to-business

B2C Business-to-consumer


CEF Connecting Europe Facility

CER Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies

CHF Swiss francs

CNY Chinese yuan

CO₂ Carbon dioxide

CO₂e CO₂ equivalent

COSO Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission

CSA Credit Support Agreements

CSR Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR-RUG CSR Directive Implementation Act

CTA Contractual Trust Arrangement


dB Decibel

DBAG Deutsche Bahn AG

DB E&C DB Engineering&Consulting

DB Finance Deutsche Bahn Finance GmbH

DBGrG Deutsche Bahn Foundation Act

DB Group Deutsche Bahn Group

DGCN German Global Compact Network

DNK German Sustainability Code

DSD Digital Rail for Germany

DSTW Digital interlocking


EAV Profit and loss transfer agreement

EBA Federal Railway Authority

EBIT Earnings before interest and taxes

EBITDA Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization

ECB European Central Bank

ECJ European Court of Justice

EDIP European debt issuance program

EE Renewable energies

EIU Rail infrastructure company

EnWG Energy Industry Law

ERegG Railway Regulation Act

ESTW Electronic interlocking

ET Electric multiple unit

ETCS European Train Control System

EU European Union

EVG Railway and Transport Workers Union


Fed US Federal Reserve

FRN Floating rate note

FS Ferrovie dello Stato (Italian state-owned railway)

FTE Full-time employees


GBP British pound sterling

GDL Train Drivers’ Union

GDP Gross domestic product

GRI Global Reporting Initiative

GVFG Municipal Transport Financing Act

GWh Gigawatt hour


ha Hectare

HGB Commercial Code


IC Intercity

ICE Intercity Express

ICS Internal control system

IFRS International Financial Reporting Standards

ISO International Organization for Standardization

IT Information technology


KBS Social insurance for railway workers and seafarers (Knappschaft-Bahn-See)

KBV Group Employer/Works Council Agreement

KonTraG Act on Supervision and Transparency in the Corporate Sector

kWh Kilowatt hour


LaTPS Noise-based train-path pricing system

LST Command and control technology

LTI Long-term incentive

LTIF Lost time injury frequency

LuFV Performance and Financing Agreement


Square meters

MaRisk Minimum requirements for risk management

MitbestG Co-Determination Act

MJ Megajoule

MRR Minimum required rate of return

MWh Megawatt hour


NABU Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Association

NBS New construction line

Nkm Commercial vehicle kilometers

NOK Norwegian krone

NOX Nitrogen oxide emissions

NP Natural persons

NS Nederlandse Spoorwegen (Dutch state-owned railway)


OKM Ecosystem management

OPEX Operational excellence

ÖPNV Local public transport

ÖSPV Public road passenger transport


P Passengers

PCGK German Public Corporate Governance Code

PFA Plan approval section Pkm Passenger kilometers

PKP Polskie Koleje Państwowe (Polish state-owned railway)

PwC PricewaterhouseCoopers


RENFE Red Nacional de los Ferrocarriles Españoles (Spanish state-owned railway)

RMS Risk management system

ROCE Return on capital employed


SBB Swiss Federal Railways

SDGs Sustainable development goals

SGV Rail freight transport SI Satisfaction index

SNCF Société Nationale des Chemins de fer Français (French state-owned railway)

SO₂ Sulfur dioxide emissions

S&P S&P Global Ratings

SPD Social Democratic Party of Germany

SPNV Regional rail passenger transport

SPS Station pricing system

SPV Rail passenger transport

Sts Secretary of state


T Thousand

t Ton

TEN Trans-European Networks

TEU Twenty-foot equivalent unit

tkm Ton kilometers

TOC Train operating company

TPS Train-path pricing system

Train km Train kilometers

Train-path km Train-path kilometers


UIC International Union of Railways

UNGC United Nations Global Compact

USD US dollar


VDE German unification transport projects

VDV Association of German Transport Companies

V brake shoe Composite brake shoes


WACC Weighted average cost of capital

Wi-Fi Wireless local area network

WpHG Securities Trading Act


ZIP Future Capital Expenditures Program