2018 Integrated Report – On track towards a better Railway

Development of business units

Environmental measures

  • By optimizing the engine characteristic maps no. 130 in engine control, DB Cargo is reducing fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. The engine control system was optimized on just under 400 shunting locomotives. This saves 800,000 liters of fuel and 2.1 million kg of CO₂. This corresponds to about a 3% reduction in fuel needs. The saving was demonstrated during test runs.
  • We are holding an Energy-saving Olympics no. 8 for DB Cargo section train drivers. Over the course of 36 monthly events and six super-scale events, over 2,400 train drivers have already been honored for their outstanding performance.
  • In 2019, DB Cargo equipped an additional 150 traction units with the LEADER driver assistance system. Since the end of 2018, about 500 vehicles have been operating with the system.