2018 Integrated Report – On track towards a better Railway

Development of business units

Progress in implementation of PRIMUS

A large number of initiatives were implemented in the year under review that move DB Schenker forward on the way to becoming the sector’s leader, its PRIMUS.

  • Growth: The business development programs for all products were among the factors that contributed to an overall increase in revenues during the year under review of over € 1 billion. This included targeted regional specialization in key customers in the software industry, for instance.
  • Efficiency: By further expanding the Global Business Service Center in Bucharest and Manila, DB Schenker consistently increased its efficiency in the year under review. Furthermore, there was major progress toward a more transparent and faster corporate management approach, including as a result of new standards in controlling global cost development.
  • Culture: Following its launch in the previous year with 133 top executives, almost 6,000 employees were in­­volved as catalysts in the program “The future is here” during the year under review. They are pushing for cultural transformation, which should help bring DB Schenker to the top position in the industry.