2018 Integrated Report – On track towards a better Railway

Development of business units

Markets and strategy

DB Netze Energy is responsible for economically and ecologically efficient energy procurement and for reliable energy provision for TOCs. DB Netze Energy also has a high-performance infrastructure for the provision of electricity and diesel to mobile and stationary consumers. “Departure to the DB energy transition” (Aufbruch zur DB EnergieWende), the business unit strategy further developed in the year under review, en­­abled DB Netze Energy to focus on achieving DB Group’s climate goals. In terms of ecologically sustainable energy provision, existing fossil fuel power plant contracts will be replaced by renewable energies in future. At the same time, the replacement of diesel on the rails and the road will continue and energy efficiency in DB Group properties and real estate will be improved. Digitalization projects represent a further key strategic point in successfully managing the increasingly complex overall system of energy procurement with an ongoing high supply reliability. The third central strategic direction is ensuring economic value creation in an environment that remains challenging.

  • Economic dimension: The supply reliability of the traction current grid managed by DB Netze Energy is high and consistently above the target value agreed with the Federal Government in the LuFV. This level of quality is also expressed in high customer satisfaction. DB Netze Energy deals with the prices of raw material on the energy market, which continue to be volatile, by taking a structured approach to energy procurement though effective management of energy ancillary costs and a reliability strategy determined within DB Group.
  • Social dimension: Transparent information and communication are the basis of the cultural development process and a high level of employee satisfaction at DB Netze Energy. Our employees are given the opportunity to sign up to personal further development programs and to introduce their own ideas on innovation. Beyond that, channels have been introduced that allow them to participate in designing strategic themes.
  • Environmental dimension: As the energy provider for TOCs in Germany, DB Netze Energy is implementing the climate target of DB Group in procurement and supply, thus making a fundamental contribution to the energy transition on the rails and in the entire transport sector. DB Netze Energy will pursue our vision of meeting 100% of our traction current requirements with CO₂-free re­­newable energies by 2050. Customers today are already able to take advantage of green products based entirely on renewable energies. In addition, DB Netze Energy is initiating and supporting measures to improve energy efficiency in DB Group. The services for efficiency measures and reduction in greenhouse gases are therefore provided not only to TOCs, but also to customers from industry and commerce. Through the wide-ranging offer of services surrounding the charging infrastructure for electric mobility no. 36, DB Netze Energy is also making a contribution to the transition in road transport.