2018 Integrated Report – On track towards a better Railway

Development of business units

Business model

DB Netze Stations is the largest station operator in Europe. In addition to the core business, the development and operation of stations, the business unit offers a variety of mobility-­oriented services in stations. With over 0.9 million m² of leasing area, we are among Germany’s largest commercial landlords.

Each day, more than 410,000 trains from 100 TOCs with more than 20 million passengers and visitors in total use our stations. We set particular priorities in the areas of service, safety and cleanliness so that we can offer customers a high degree of quality. Our station managers also work hard on-site to ensure seamless operations.

Our station portfolio has a particularly wide geographical coverage. The infrastructure required is characterized by high fixed costs. Maintaining facilities and building infrastructure in line with requirements is crucial to our commercial success.

Revenues are generated from station stops (regulated, about 70% share) in the stations and from leasing out commercial space (not regulated). Our most important regulatory partners are the BNetzA and the EBA.