2018 Integrated Report – On track towards a better Railway

Development of business units

Development of infrastructure

Station campaign: Record capital expenditures in stations

It is planned that between 2019 and 2023, € 8.5 billion will be spent for the modernization and maintenance of sta­­­tions. In order to modernize station infrastructure, particularly in order to improve accessibility, the Federal Government and Federal states are making significant funds available. The extensive projects include the transformation and redesign of the Dortmund, Frankfurt am Main, Munich and Stuttgart stations. Large capital expenditures are also being made in many smaller and mid-sized stations, for ex­­ample in new escalators, elevators, information boards for passengers, benches, signage systems, floors and ramps for accessibility. In the meantime, 78% of the 5,400 passenger stations are step-free – meaning that we have already reached 84% of passengers. For those who are blind or visually im­­paired, more than 5,100 of the 9,200 platforms are already fitted with tactile, i.e. touch-based, signage systems on the floor of the platforms. Beyond that, all newly installed elevators provide tactile controls and a speech module.

Construction works in 2018 are summarized in the Construction Project Map.

Regeneration of S-Bahn (metro) tunnel stations

Between now and 2020, we are spending a sum of several hundred million for the renovation of 27 underground metro stations in Frankfurt am Main, Hamburg, Munich and Stuttgart, which see a daily footfall of more than two million pas­­sengers. In total, about € 48 million will be spent to refresh the tunnel stations in the Hamburg S-Bahn (metro) network.

Improvement of amenities at stations

We have launched and completed numerous projects to improve the quality of our stations. In the year under review, a total of € 23 million was spent for measures to improve cus­­tomer satisfaction. Of that, € 13 million went into individual actions. We spent about € 10 million for 30 highly frequented S-Bahn (metro) stations and in measures to upgrade their design.

Platform development program progressing

In August 2018, progress was made on the modernization program for the stations in the state of Schleswig-Holstein. Two framework agreements set out the actions and their financing for the next seven years. In total, 41 stations will be fully or partially modernized, including the construction of seven new train stations. The total cost of all the modernization measures set out in the agreement, including planning services, is about € 60 million. Half of the costs will be funded by the state of Schleswig-Holstein and half by Federal funds and DB funds. The program is also running in other Federal states with varying scopes.