2018 Integrated Report – On track towards a better Railway

Development of business units

DB Engineering&Consulting

DB E & C expertise is in demand worldwide:

  • DB E & C has been involved in planning the traffic systems and structural engineering for the TEN project Karlsruhe — Basel. The contract was expanded in the year under review to include equipment technical services. Through this, DB E & C is delivering a complete planning service including plan and acceptance testing and construction oversight for the plan approval section Haltingen — Weil am Rhein and Basel.
  • Since June 2018, DB E & C has been tasked with overseeing the construction of platform facilities including passenger underpasses as part of the modernization of Dortmund central station. This includes construction management planning services, welding and environmental supervision, and health and safety coordination.
  • In January 2018, DB E & C signed a consultancy agreement for “Mumbai Metro Line 4” in Mumbai, India. The 32.5 km line, with 32 stations, is planned to carry some 335,000 passengers every day in 2031. As general consultant, DB E & C is managing a consortium with Louis Berger and Hill International. After Bhopal and Indore, this is now the third major metro project that DB E & Chas acquired in India in just a few months.
  • Together with Yenon, DB E & C won the tender for planning and supervising the construction of the 28 km local “Purple Line” in Tel Aviv, Israel. The experts are also providing services to integrate a further local line (“Red Line,” 24 km) into the overall system for the CRTG-CREEG joint venture. Furthermore, DB E & C is advising ISR, Israel’s state-owned railway company, on its electrification program, on defining standards and on procuring rolling stock.