2018 Integrated Report – On track towards a better Railway


High share of renewable energies


Data for 2018 relate exclusively to DB Group companies and are based on findings and estimates available as of February 2019. 2016 including traction current purchased by non-Group train operating companies.
1) Including additionally procured electricity for all green offerings of DB Group with 100% eco-power (e.g. S-Bahn (metro) Hamburg or DBeco plus) and taking into account a forecast based upon the Renewable Energy Sources Act subsidy.

Since January 1, 2018, all passengers on our long-distance trains throughout Germany have been traveling by 100% eco-power no. 1. Since the beginning of the year under review, S-Bahn (metro) Berlin has also been operating CO₂-free, thereby contributing to the high proportion of eco-power in the DB traction current mix. S-Bahn (metro) Hamburg has been operating completely CO₂-free since 2010.

In rail freight transport, DBeco plus offers our customers CO₂-free transport services based on 100% eco-power no. 1.

The trend lies significantly above our forecast in the 2017 Integrated Report.